Like Summer Grass — book launch finally!

by Stacy Barton on October 13, 2014

so after launching our four kids this spring…i am finally going to “launch” my new chapbook of poetry that came out in june through finishing line press! we will gather at my dear friends Janice and Seth’s in winter park on friday october 24th at 7pm. if you want to know where…email me and i will give you the scoop. its a “barton book launch potluck” and guaranteed to be a blast!


Gargoyle Magazine…my poems soon!

by Stacy Barton on October 8, 2014

Gargoyle62coverRichard Peabody, the ever so gracious editor of the famed Gargoyle Magazine (good old literary journal in DC) has chosen three of the poems from my new book, Like Summer Grass, to appear in his upcoming journal. He usually publishes only once a year…this year twice. I am in issue #62….so stay tuned and I will announce its release so you can support the literary community, one of the great guys doing great work there…and me!




In the quiet of your collective sleep

I wander, pick up bits

a quad of travelers left behind:

untied shoes, sprawling books,

a bowl of Cheerios, a sock,

still without your tug. I stand


beside my chair unprepared

for this singular quiet.

I sit, drop a sock in my lap,

pick up The Collected Poems of

Edna St. Vincent Millay.


The image of you gone

floods me, sweeps

the room to stillness

without the fullness of your need.

I lower my book, unopened,

press against your sock,

the untidy room,

and wait.



late summer

October 6, 2014

post season baseball hums on the tv before the sun goes down on a monday night. the doors and windows are open. a breeze blows in – cool enough, even by central florida standards. i stand in the kitchen and chop onions for the risotto. peel shrimp. slice and dice a salad. todd sits with […]

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Join Me!

October 5, 2014

Join me over at my website blog…! Go to my “musings” page for my crazy perspective on life, pics of my kids & family and the latest sneak peeks on my writing. don’t forget to comment on what you see or sign up for emails when i make new posts see you ’round.  

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leaving facebook

September 30, 2014

i know. everyone tries it. but i turned 50 last week, if you didn’t notice, and i need all the time i have. i need all the words i have. suddenly there is less room for “likes” and “comments.” i guess it’s time to write something longer than a FB post or a 140 character tweet. (although i […]

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NEW BOOK of poetry – Like Summer Grass

June 25, 2014

my latest book…a chapbook of mamma poems…is finally here! my first “book launch” and reading party was canceled due to rain – please stay tuned for news of its rescheduling! in the meantime please order your copy here!  

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been awhile

March 18, 2014

i suppose i deserve to have not a living soul left to read these posts. i sort of dropped off there for awhile. well i’m back…at least for today… here’s a poem from my new chapbook coming out in May. if you can manage to pre-order it before MARCH 28 it makes a HUGE difference […]

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if you are en emily dickinson fan…

September 20, 2013

“Hope” is   In weighted air, humid drops drowning the spaces between, waits “the thing with feathers” that does not eat but flies.   In grey light of morning, quiet in softness, like a measure of music just begun, feathers ruffle, shudder, shake.   I stand in wet grass, listening for warbles, wait like an […]

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Evening Muse

July 23, 2013

  Familiar melodies end the day as evening breeze ruffles the palm, ripples late waters as I hammock swing. Dreaming   out loud with paper and pen I feel the brilliance of dimensions.   Come home, come home, come home my mind whispers, so often lost. I lie under cloudless skies, swaddled with my muse […]

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the humble vehicle of grace

July 3, 2013

the painful part of finishing the job of raising nurslings into functioning adults is that you discover, with all too much clarity, where you failed them. at one point in my parenting life this knowledge sent me into a spiral of shame. into the pit. devastation. i was too honest to use the easy way […]

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