2nd Place in 1st “Flash Fiction Slam”

by Stacy Barton on March 10, 2015

flash slamso i got all the way to the final round of my very first “flash fiction slam!” Won 2nd place, met some great new literary peeps, sold some books, passed out some cards and talked up my new novella Lily Harp, coming out in June! sweet night. kudos to Patrick Greene and the Gallery at Avalon for hosting…and to J. Bradley and his “There Will Be Words” reading series for running the “slam.”


Working on a “Book Trailer”

by Stacy Barton on February 24, 2015

images Going to try my hand at creating a “book trailer” — most of you know I love creating video “medleys” of family gatherings…so I will try this here. We will see if my indy press will let me “release” it! Ha. They have fantastic taste and would never let me put something out that might distract from the real work of Lily Harp, my Florida mangrove novella. Stay Tuned…(that’s what my publisher always says)


Help a Young Artist!

January 17, 2015

…who happens to be my daughter. Our girl Olivia Lynn Barton is working to get into Berklee School of Music in Boston next year & snatch up both a vocal performance and songwriter scholarship if she can manage it…otherwise we simply can’t afford it. So, this is a shameless ASK to those of you who love my artistry…check out […]

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Upon The Red Balloons

December 30, 2014

in Mary Janes she stands one hand of balloons between cracks dandelions grow in shiny shoes she sees herself let go red balloons rise   leave her body for sky remembering their dance in her hand she stands ribbons waving

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Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree

December 23, 2014

Sidesaddle in a stuffed chair I sit, feet tucked. Sipping coffee, I stare at our tree as if it’s a stranger. Strings of white lights, green branches, childhood adornments suddenly blur through the lens of tears. A tinfoil star, a gold macaroni tree, a painted partridge too big for its branch, a handprint angel all […]

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December 1, 2014

I’m a Yaya! unbelievable feeling…crazy experience…blessed position…awed by god above in the intricacies and specificities and personal touch of his enormous spirit. wild love. grand hope. pulsing life. radiating out and out and out and out….can you feel it?

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Locally Grown Words Book Fair…with ME!

November 19, 2014

DECEMBER 14, NOON-4PM @EASTENDMARKET COME support local words & buy some Christmas presents @BOOKMARKIT ! Join us for the “Locally Grown Words” book fair–and look for my table at the East End Market… Copies of my new poetry chapbook Like Summer Grass from Finishing Line Press will be for sale as well as copies of my previous book from […]

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bless you lisa

November 5, 2014

there are moments in life, when, if you choose, you may step into something greater than you had imagined. i had such an experience today. my friend lisa curtis at massageworkz in winter garden…took me in. and i do mean “took me in.” Lisa has an unbelievable gift, a honed skill and a gracious practice of helping […]

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Evening Muse

November 3, 2014

Evening muse ends this ordinary day terrible   with certainty. Pink breeze ruffles the fringed fingers of the palm ripples late waters as I hammock swing, dreaming   with paper and pen, muse   the well, find the time I first felt your hair— my hand, your spirit each hour so clear from a page […]

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My Yaya Room

October 31, 2014

This is my Yaya room…created for my girl-grandbaby coming in two weeks or so…also in anticipation of others yet to come…my new role rising ever before me…mamma, to observer, to friend, to Yaya…each movement of relationship a gift…a moment of new breath…a hope, a treasure, a new endeavor. i welcome each new chance to love […]

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