NEW BOOK of poetry – Like Summer Grass

by Stacy Barton on June 25, 2014

LSG Front Covermy latest book…a chapbook of mamma poems…is finally here! my first “book launch” and reading party was canceled due to rain – please stay tuned for news of its rescheduling!

in the meantime please order your copy here!



been awhile

by Stacy Barton on March 18, 2014

i suppose i deserve to have not a living soul left to read these posts. i sort of dropped off there for awhile.

well i’m back…at least for today…

here’s a poem from my new chapbook coming out in May. if you can manage to pre-order it before MARCH 28 it makes a HUGE difference in the number of copies the publisher will print.

poem first…then the link. I actually think I wrote about the boys in the tree in this poem as a blog on here somewhere. funny.


Between Boughs


Between the driveway

and kitchen window

the camphor tree stretches

its wings to heaven. There

between boughs hangs a trio

of hammocks. “A big-boy fort,”

my man-son says.

Just returned from first year,

he rigged those ropes,

hangs there day and night,

rain or shine, under a silver tarp.


And so they come, all summer,

to the camphor tree,

to newfound freedom. Clinging

to the comfort of childhood

they come, these boys

I have known since before beards.


Each morning I awaken to the sun

and peek through slats of kitchen blinds

to see cocoons swinging in grey dawn,

knees poking from hanging pods,

boys covered in Scout bags,

living-room throws, bug bites.

I muse inside, near the window,

before coffee,

about what man-butterflies

will emerge from those wraps

at summer’s end.


here’s the link PRE-ORDER BY MARCH 28 and help me out!

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