Today’s Manifesto

I believe in intelligent design, inspired by divine love.

I believe that the natural laws of the physical world offer universal truth.

I believe in the existence of both good and evil.

I believe that humans are triune beings of mind/body/spirit.

Through the rhythm of nature, I see the cycle of birth, death, and rebirth, and experience life at its essence as eternal, pointing to divine design.

As an eternal being, dwelling in a physical body, my mind connects the realms of heaven and earth through the sight of my spirit.

From my spirit connection to the divine, I understand that love and wholeness are available to all, in a cycle made complete throughout eternity.

Working on a “Book Trailer”

images Going to try my hand at creating a “book trailer” — most of you know I love creating video “medleys” of family gatherings…so I will try this here. We will see if my indy press will let me “release” it! Ha. They have fantastic taste and would never let me put something out that might distract from the real work of Lily Harp, my Florida mangrove novella. Stay Tuned…(that’s what my publisher always says)

Locally Grown Words Book Fair…with ME!


COME support local words & buy some Christmas presents @BOOKMARKIT !

Join us for the “Locally Grown Words” book fair–and look for my table at the East End Market…

Copies of my new poetry chapbook Like Summer Grass from Finishing Line Press will be for sale as well as copies of my previous book from WordFarm Press, Surviving Nashville: Short Stories. Plus I can tell you how to get the kindle version of my short story collection and I promise to be ready to spill all the latest “dirt” on my upcoming novella, Lily Harp & Stories, due out through WordFarm Press at the AWP conference in Minneapolis in April.

Come enjoy the local scene as authors chat about words, sign and sell their books, and generally create a sly ruckus at the fabulous independent bookstore Bookmark it at the East End Market  on Corrine Drive in Orlando.

Join us if you can…if only to keep me from looking like an unimpressive, unpopular, literary dork.


LSG with shadowsurviving nashvilleimage2

Like Summer Grass — book launch finally!

so after launching our four kids this spring…i am finally going to “launch” my new chapbook of poetry that came out in june through finishing line press! we will gather at my dear friends Janice and Seth’s in winter park on friday october 24th at 7pm. if you want to know where…email me and i will give you the scoop. its a “barton book launch potluck” and guaranteed to be a blast!

Gargoyle Magazine…my poems soon!

Gargoyle62coverRichard Peabody, the ever so gracious editor of the famed Gargoyle Magazine (good old literary journal in DC) has chosen three of the poems from my new book, Like Summer Grass, to appear in his upcoming journal. He usually publishes only once a year…this year twice. I am in issue #62….so stay tuned and I will announce its release so you can support the literary community, one of the great guys doing great work there…and me!




In the quiet of your collective sleep

I wander, pick up bits

a quad of travelers left behind:

untied shoes, sprawling books,

a bowl of Cheerios, a sock,

still without your tug. I stand


beside my chair unprepared

for this singular quiet.

I sit, drop a sock in my lap,

pick up The Collected Poems of

Edna St. Vincent Millay.


The image of you gone

floods me, sweeps

the room to stillness

without the fullness of your need.

I lower my book, unopened,

press against your sock,

the untidy room,

and wait.