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Lily HarpLily Harp by Stacy Barton          wordfarm logo

Literary Fiction

Novella / Short Stories

Release Date: June, 2015        

Published by WordFarm Press           

Trade Paperback, 200 pages             

ISBN: 978-1-60226-015-3                      

Paperback Price: $16                                             

DISTRO: Via Small Press Distribution, Amazon, WordFarm

Lily Harp returns from art school prematurely, pregnant and tossed between her well-meaning aunt, her protective grandfather, and her own uncertain sense of responsibility and independence. She is haunted by memories of her mother, whose suicide during Lily’s girlhood first set Lily adrift. And she is drawn to another mother and daughter she meets at the water’s edge and whose friendship presents Lily with a fateful choice between hope and safety.

Set in a stilt-house nestled among the mangroves in 1970s southern Florida, this novella by Stacy Barton is a must-read for fans and a perfect introduction for soon-to-be-fans.

The book also features twelve short stories that have appeared in publications like The Potomac Review, Gargoyle, Real South, Relief Journal and Ruminate. Link to trailer.


“From the sweltering Florida mangroves to the dust storms of Oklahoma, Stacy Barton sculpts imagery and molds characters who traverse the complex terrain of the human heart.”

—Beth Hoffman, New York Times bestselling author of Looking for Me

“Stacy Barton knows her characters like she knows Florida’s Gulf coast, which is to say deeply. Lily Harp is a masterpiece of atmosphere and mood, of jasmine blooms and mangrove roots.” —David James Poissant, author of The Heaven of Animals (Florida Book Award Silver Medal)

“In the luscious novella at the center of this scrumptious new book, the pregnant, seventeen-year-old, eponymous Lily Harp struggles to be, as muddled as the Florida weather.”

—Alan Michael Parker, award-winning author of The Committee on Town Happiness

“Barton has created a sacred space and populated it with unforgettable characters whose stories and struggles are at once evocative and eternal. We will ever keep them in our hearts.”

—Cathleen Falsani, journalist and author of Sin Boldly: A Field Guide for Grace

Stacy Barton, authorStacy Barton is the author of the newly released Lily Harp as well as the short story collection Surviving Nashville, the poetry chapbook Like Summer Grass, and the picture book Babba and I Went Hunting Today. Her stories and poems have appeared in literary journals including Best of Potomac Review, Gargoyle and Southern Women’s Review. As a commisioned author she has created various picture books, one-act plays, musical reviews, animated short films and a children’s television program. Hundreds of her live shows have been produced by entertainment companies like Disney, SeaWorld, Ringling Bros. and others. Stacy lives with her husband Todd and dog Bo in a little town in Florida where they raised their four kids.

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