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Endorsements for Like Summer Grass LSG Front Cover

Like Summer Grass should be read and then read again. These songful poems about the ache and exhilaration of motherhood require attention and invite reflection. They are honest, tender, and emotionally provocative.

—John Dufresne, author of No Regrets, Coyote and 2012 Guggenheim Fellow

The poems in Like Summer Grass offer their tender recollections of a family from a mother who stands by, learning to let go of the children in the ordinariness of time—the house a bit untidy, cheerios on the breakfast table, daddy and husband on hand, hearts full—leaving us “with a memory/ of longer days/ and childhood rising.”

—Carol Frost, author of Honeycomb and director of Winter With the Writers, Rollins College

Stacy Barton weighs the newly won freedom of the empty nest against the profound guilt of letting go, “I stand aside, a necessary spectator/ to the miracle of your unveiling.” Not an enviable task for a mother of four and yet the results are equal parts awe and heartbreak.

—Richard Peabody, author of Speed Enforced by Aircraft and editor, Gargoyle Magazine


Surviving Nashville Book Blurb: Full of humor and pathos, as southern stories love to be, the stories in this collection will haunt you like a memory. From simple family dysfunction to tragic twists of fate, the characters in Surviving Nashville suffer their losses with surprising grace. Stacy Barton is a storyteller with an ear for dialect, an eye for detail and a heart for her characters – even the mean ones.

Download Sample Story: “Periwinkles”

Endorsements for Surviving Nashville

“Stacy Barton’s considerable genius is that she looks at the world we all look at, but sees what the rest of us are unwilling to see. And she doesn’t flinch. The disarming beauty of Surviving Nashville can be, at times, quite breathtaking. Here is the art of few words and powerful resonance. Stacy Barton’s brilliant collection will haunt you. It’s courageous, honest, and smart.”   John Dufresne, author of Louisiana Power and Light

“This collection is utterly fabulous! Stacy Barton has a gift — the subtle strokes of a watercolorist and the bluntness of a prizefighter all rolled into one. I purely loved this collection of short stories and I can’t recommend it highly enough.”  Beth Hoffman, author of the Best-Selling novel, Saving Cee Cee Honeycutt

“The wonder of Stacy Barton’s fiction is the emotional connection of her characters…authentic all the way.”  Philip F. Deaver, authorof Silent Retreats, winner of the Flannery O’Conner Award for Short Fiction

“Stacy Barton’s stories fly from dark to light and back again in depicting the human condition. Her words sing to accompany her characters in their varied journeys that touch the gamut of readers’ emotions. Through it all there is the never-spelled-out but felt sense that the writer knows that beyond the dark glass she’ll find Light and the answers to the unanswerables.”  Lawrence Dorr, author of A Bearer of Divine Revelation

“Reading Surviving Nashville was like listening to the perfect album—each song complete in itself, but when you listen from beginning to end, you end up singing out all the pain and grief and love you didn’t know you had in you. I love these stories that poured out of Stacy Barton’s soul. In languid prose, pain and faith mix and find their voice in mothers, sisters, best friends, summers, and food fried in cast iron skillets. Surviving Nashville is full of stifled cries, devastating events, and moments of beauty. Each story released in me a cry of pain and the glimpse of a tiny miracle.”  Alice Bass, author of The Creative Life

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Author Bio: Stacy Barton is the author of the novella Lily Harp (WordFarm)Surviving Nashville: Short Stories (WordFarm), the poetry chapbook Like Summer Grass (Finishing Line Press) and the children’s book Babba and I Went Hunting Today. Her stories and poetry have been published in a variety of literary magazines including Potomac Review, Gargoyle, Real South, Southern Women’s Review, Relief, and Ruminate. Stacy is also the author of two plays, three children’s picture books, two animated short films and the text of a choral composition.

Stacy has been a featured author at readings for the AWP Conferences in Denver and Seattle.  Twice, Stacy presented her workshop “From the Stage to the Page” at the F. Scott Fitzgerald Literary Conference presented by the Potomac Review.  One of her children’s picture books was used for years by The Florida Hospital  in their Cancer Resource Program. With a love for reading aloud, Stacy regularly performs her fiction and poetry at art festivals, book fairs and other events and used to run a local reading series called “Literature Out Loud” that introduces authors to audiences. She visits classrooms (pre-school through graduate) to talk about the process of writing as both a creative art and a way to make a living.

With a background as an actress and director in improvisational theater, Stacy is as comfortable in the entertainment industry as she is in the literary world. She is a true collaborator and takes direction and criticism well. Her stage plays, Dear Father Christmas, and an adaptation of Dylan Thomas’ A Child’s Christmas in Wales, were both commissioned pieces that received praise from both her clients and their audiences. She has worked for a variety of entertainment companies including Disney, SeaWorld, Riva and Ringling Bros. providing story concepts, attraction development, live show scripts and short film scripts for theme parks and cruise ships around the world.

Order Books from Stacy’s publisher WordFarm.  They are happy to accommodate bulk orders for readings and events.