So many of you have asked me, “What are you working on?” And for the past year or two I have said that I was writing plenty but did not have a “project” at the moment. 

Yesterday I spent some time poking around my computer, hunting for some pages to send a new critique group forming next month. (Its writers are not new to me but we had formerly been more of a wine drinking group with a writing problem than a formal place to workshop writing) Anyway, these are fine writers whom I admire and so I undertook the perusal of my stashes of first drafts with some trepidation. To my delight I found I had quite a nice clump of flash pieces to send them that shared a sensibility! 
And so while I have nothing to report yet on the critique or tending of these pieces, I am indeed heading into my fiction with more intention than I have in some time. Wish me luck. #amwriting #amediting

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