musing on the road

so todd and are about to embark on a nearly month-long road trip in our little eddie…our own version of a tiny house…and i thought i’d take a poll to see what topics ya’ll would like to hear me muse over while i am away. all of my thoughts seem to center around the words of simon & garfunkel, “all gone to look for america.” but here are a few other ways to focus my daily log:

  • road tripping with our golden
  • “tiny trailer” camping escapades
  • story recipes from local fixings (in eddie’s back-hatch galley)
  • poetry inspired by unfamiliar lands
  • spiritual visions and meditations recounted
  • flash fiction based on new locales
  • …other ideas?

and now i will hit “publish” and see if i successfully set this site to transfer to my new little pet blog which i THINK you can find under bartonstacy on… let me know…or if it is easier to just post it here and FB…

…still musing…

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