good morning…

Bo and I took a walk along the Colorado River right next to camp this morning. It rolls soft and gentle here in this bit of canyon. The early sun slanted the surface silver. After our walk we came back and I made coffee and we watched the mountains. They didn’t move. But the wind blew the trees and the light on the leaves made them look like shiners jumping in the bay. Bird song and tree rustle join the hum of the cars up on I-70 and make for this morning’s sounds from my canvas rocker. Other campers stir – each of us alone, yet all together trying to connect to the earth, the sky. The air is dry here and the landscape all but familiar, and yet everywhere there is beauty and belonging. Just now a hummingbird flew so close to my head it might have kissed my hair. New life is everywhere. I am opening my eyes.

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  1. So glad you are enjoying the beauty there!! After we were in Utah etc, I was so glad to get to Colorado with the green, even though I loved the beautiful rocks everywhere. Still beautiful. Love you and miss you. 🙂

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