forgiving is like that, he said

don’t tell me this breeze


blues singing

on midnight porch

with patient dog lying


is not


or that this

wicker chair

wedding lights

your arms

those eyes


won’t be


don’t tell me I forgot

my mind

throwing well-fanged words

like venom down your side


I fear most

the less     the loss     the lack

unremembered mingling

of blonde and brown hairs

‘79 hatchbacks


but see

see     see     see

my crumpled

heart beating

watching your bleeding

struck by my gin

broken on brick

lost shine of moon


dark      shadows      light

dawn translucent

dark troubled eyes

grey stubbled skin

in Easter dew


you      you

don’t tell me

how  it is with you


but enfold me

ruffled with guilt

reclaim my fault

your pain

our seam


with one whispered word



2 Replies to “forgiving is like that, he said”

    1. i like random observations (rarely completely random) but the inciting incident – as they say – was a few months prior (also a random observation). BTW this poem will be out in the upcoming issue of Gargoyle Magazine (a print literary journal out of DC) along with another, odder one i don’t think i ever posted here. thanks for visiting and especially for commenting. i am easily discouraged from posting new stuff by mistaking a quiet audience for an uninterested one. i feel suddenly inspired, thank you!

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