this old truck

so how do you get attached to an old truck? you raise your kids in it.

this truck saw many camping trips, rides to the beach, baseball games, recitals.  all four kids learned to drive in this truck.  our first three went to college with their stuff filling its back.

and now it is gone.  a new one sits in our drive.

this loss is yet another “goodbye” in this season of letting go.

i inhale slowly and think of water, rolling around the rocks, not thwarted by the shifts in the creek.  water, riding the journey of the river.  water, baptism and rebirth.  spring.  from the death of my children’s childhood new relationships are being born. as much as i loved them as babies, i enjoy them as people now. all things are made new.

so through tears at the dealership i say farewell to this truck.  i open my heart to the new life that rises up before us – a life where todd and i travel beside our children as equals instead of carrying them with us in the back.

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