a messy barn

i had forgotten how many more shoes and socks, how many more purses and wallets, how many more pool towels and t-shirts, glasses and snack plates fill up my house with all six of us here.  not to mention the college boxes and apartment furniture, last semesters laundry, wall-hangings and whatever it is in those white bags.

but other than running the dishwasher and sweeping up the extra dog hair (there are two in the house right now) i am choosing to let things be.  it is chaos and beauty and love and abundance.  i am back to the mantra of my early motherhood when i used to say “as long as there is something to eat and something to wear, we are good. we are together.”

i remember, too, a verse kaye bolt read to me in those early years when i had such anxiety about not being able to keep a tidy house with four kids under 7 and a big dog.  it helped my heart then and it helps me now:

“Where no oxen are, the manger is clean. But much increase comes by the strength of the ox.” from the Proverbs

o the mamma-joy of a full stable.

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  1. Sweet Stacy,
    …and I remember your poem, Naked Fasters! I’m so pleased to know that God’s word to me about a ‘barn-full’ was encouraging to you through the years. I still say that verse to myself when the 29 of us get together at our house. It’s messy and marvelous! Nothing better than a “full quiver”!

    love ya,

  2. Thanks Stacy! With 8 of us under 1 roof and a home I often refer to as Grand Central Station…..I needed the reminder that it is chaos and beauty all at once!

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