i’m in a new book!

sometimes you try something based on a hunch, you stride out, hopeful that your instincts are true.

so is the case with my friend shawn smucker’s book, Building a Life Out of Words. i had read his work on his blog, enjoyed his perspective on life, faith, writing and family…appreciated the lyrical quality of his words.  and so when he asked me to contribute to his latest project, i was downright glad.  he published two of my short non-fiction pieces in this book and today i finished reading the whole of it.  it was as lovely as i had hoped…as honest and as hopeful.  i cried at least three times at the beauty and purity of his struggle and his hope.

Building a Life Out of Words is the story of his early travels as a full-time writer – how he fell into it almost accidentally, but not quite.  it is about the difficulty we face when being true, and the possibility of hope fulfilled for those of us who persevere.  it is a compelling story.

at only $3.99 on kindle or nook (or emailed as a PDF) it is well worth the read…especially if you have a secret desire to live that life you always dreamed about.

Building a Life out of Words.  buy it 🙂

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