novel writing again?

it’s monday january 9 and we are truly down to 3.  only one child in the house to awaken this morning. only two lunches to make.

the holidays have been full of our eldest coming over from her place and our middle two home from school.  the last one went home this weekend and this is the first work week with what has become our regular trio.

all of that to say … perhaps i can get back into a regular swing with my new novel.  she hasn’t had much attention since my hubby’s birthday in november. (what with the big thanksgiving and christmas that followed) it has been an absolutely glorious season.  i have enjoyed cooking and cleaning, gift buying and giving and laughter and outdoor fires and stories and all my babies gathered ’round.

but 3 of the four have gone back to their worlds – at least for now – and i really must get back to writing. well, not just any writing…i have written for disney and even finished a draft of a musical review for a middle school…the writing i am excited to feel stirring within me is my novel.  dear girl.

and so i shall make a sacred place for her this week…make friends again…woo her out.


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