i’m not sure that’s how you spell it, but it’s what my cousins in oklahoma did. they wrastled. its kind of like wrestle, only grittier.

well i been wrastlin.’ wrastlin’ my novella over the past couple of days. the humbling thing is that, even with my empassioned blogging about story, my first draft was seriously short on it.

okay i am actually laughing now. out loud. all alone in my brown chair by the window because there is no way to get a show to opening night without a few really bad, really scary rehearsals. so i am on the right track!

whoda thunk wrastlin’ could be such a damn good thang.

2 Replies to “wrastlin’”

  1. Girl, I’s fresh off a visit to the low country. I am yer biggest fayun even when I am purly yank. But give me a week in rebel territories and I hanker fer butter beans and more of yore southern tales.

    Periwinkles is still my ALL TIME BELOVED STORY.

    When can I buy yore book, Dahlin’?

    Chris-Marie Wave
    co-author, Conversations At the Girlville Diner

  2. love you chris! the “official release” for Surviving Nashville looks like fall. but you’ll get a copy as soon as they are hot off the press! WordFarm needs 3-4 months after the print run for the literary reviews before official release.

    (i’m in kelowna, canada today and feeling very resort-y and not at all down-honey. grin)

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