i am waiting for my niece or nephew to be born thousands of miles away in canada. it’s my little brother’s baby and since it chose to come today instead of when i get there, i’m playing doula-by-phone. or i will be if they call.

there really isn’t much midwifery i can do from florida. so i wait with open hands and wonder at god’s plan. i am learning to pay attention to when he chooses to let me stand on the sidelines, waiting, watching, the willing presence of my spirit my only gift.

i am also waiting for my husband and son to return from a funeral in west virginia, waiting for our daughter to make an important choice, waiting for my novella to speak to me again.

in these it is the same. my offer is small: to wait. but for the first time i recognize its significance. my spirit, waiting beside in hope, is a power to be reckoned with.

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