time to show?

so i’m past the first blush of my second draft opening. it’s beginning to look stupid, so i think it may be time to show. at first, i was so excited with how i was able to take the same characters, the same “story,” and retell the opening in a different way, in a way that suited the new focus of the second draft. but now it just looks awful, campy, childish.

when do you show your subsequent drafts? with short stories it was usually pretty clear (i must say i did less “rewriting” and more “editing” in my short stories – smaller changes, word arrangements, cliche replacements). however, this novella second draft required some rather large changes and the new beginning needs to work before i can hope to carry the new stuff through the rest of the draft.

i have two more days in canada. i will fuss with it as much as i can before i return home and then hand it off to be seen.

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  1. Dorothy Bryant says that “writing must be individualist, that we must resist the temptation to ask for help at every stage. … So my advice is, don’t show your work to others until you just can’t go any further on your own.”

    I know that any comments on the first hodge-podge draft of my current novel would be counter-productive, because I already know lots of things I have to fix in it, and don’t want to hear anyone telling me! But I think when you get to the point of “I have no idea what else to do with this or whether it’s working,” then you get a second pair of eyes.

    Oh, and mine are on call whenever you need them!

  2. thanks. i hear you. this draft is based on some great direction after my first draft and so i feel more pressed to “check in” to see if what i am trying is working. so hard to know! but i will take your words to heart, thanks!

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