launching my second draft

i’m in canada to see my new niece. but because of some hospital mumbo jumbo, i cant go see the baby until 3pm. so it looks like i have the morning to myself.

so of course i’m thinking – time to write!

now i told you that i got some fantastic notes from a script-doctor friend of mine. wow. i mean i knew she was good, have watched her in action and raved about her to others, but let me tell you how awesome it was to have her let her loose on what my story needed. suddenly i have something to press against, something to help frame my next steps. she is tough and she is strong and she is just the ticket if you really care to move it on up!

anyway, armed with her notes and my 12 hours of air-travel-steno-pad-scribbling i find myself ready to arrange my notes on 3X5 cards and plan my second draft. the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing through the open windows and kelowna is mine for the morning.


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