a poem

i know the sweet basil by its green wings
a pair of lovers, clinging to a stem;
small butterflies resting.

last year’s rosemary
curls around its pot like a lazy garter.
the adolescent mint –
burst past the boundaries i set for her –
waves her aromatic body

like snow without footprint
is the empty page before me.
a tiny life peeps through the soil
sprouts words that
cling to the stem of the soul.

small butterflies resting.

2 Replies to “a poem”

  1. This is one of my favorites. I’m such a poetry dummy, but I actually feel that I enter this one whenever I read it. Which is actually more often than you’d think or know.
    And I have your latest one sitting on my e-mail but the with e-mail drama of this week (mentors & clients!) I haven’t read it yet. For shame. I’m off to read it now.

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