image1Like Summer Grass | a new book of poems

The poems in Like Summer Grass offer their tender recollections of a family from a mother who stands by, learning to let go of the children in the ordinariness of time—the house a bit untidy, cheerios on the breakfast table, daddy and husband on hand, hearts full—leaving us “with a memory/ of longer days/ and childhood rising.”
Carol Frost, author of Honeycomb

Stacy Barton weighs the newly won freedom of the empty nest against the profound guilt of letting go, “I stand aside, a necessary spectator/ to the miracle of your unveiling.” Not an enviable task for a mother of four and yet the results are equal parts awe and heartbreak.
Richard Peabody, editor, Gargoyle

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NEW BOOK of poetry – Like Summer Grass

June 25, 2014

my latest book…a chapbook of mamma poems…is finally here! my first “book launch” and reading party was canceled due to rain – please stay tuned for news of its rescheduling! in the meantime please order your copy here!  

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been awhile

March 18, 2014

i suppose i deserve to have not a living soul left to read these posts. i sort of dropped off there for awhile. well i’m back…at least for today… here’s a poem from my new chapbook coming out in May. if you can manage to pre-order it before MARCH 28 it makes a HUGE difference […]

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