NEW novella…LILY HARP coming in JUNE! 

Stay tuned for ordering information…plus dates, times and locations for launch parties and readings.



Like Summer Grass | a new book of poems

“The poems in Like Summer Grass offer their tender recollections of a family from a mother who stands by, learning to let go of the children in the ordinariness of time—leaving us ‘with a memory/ of longer days/ and childhood rising.’”  Carol Frost

“Stacy Barton weighs the newly won freedom of the empty nest against the profound guilt of letting go, ‘I stand aside, a necessary spectator/ to the miracle of your unveiling.’ Not an enviable task for a mother of four and yet the results are equal parts awe and heartbreak.” Richard Peabody

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surviving nashville


Surviving Nashville | short stories

“Stacy Barton’s considerable genius is that she looks at the world we all look at, but sees what the rest of us are unwilling to see. And she doesn’t flinch. The disarming beauty of Surviving Nashville can be, at times, quite breathtaking. Stacy Barton’s brilliant collection will haunt you. It’s courageous, honest, and smart.” —John Dufresne


2nd Place in 1st “Flash Fiction Slam”

March 10, 2015

so i got all the way to the final round of my very first “flash fiction slam!” Won 2nd place, met some great new literary peeps, sold some books, passed out some cards and talked up my new novella Lily Harp, coming out in June! sweet night. kudos to Patrick Greene and the Gallery at Avalon […]

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Working on a “Book Trailer”

February 24, 2015

Going to try my hand at creating a “book trailer” — most of you know I love creating video “medleys” of family gatherings…so I will try this here. We will see if my indy press will let me “release” it! Ha. They have fantastic taste and would never let me put something out that might […]

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